Corporate Member: Sovereign Lda

Corporate Member: Sovereign Lda


Whatever your fiscal query, Sovereign can help!

Whether you are paying high property taxes or need to submit tax returns in Portugal to declare your worldwide income as a result of rental income as a non-resident Sovereign can assist you.

Moving to Portugal?
Ask Sovereign about Non Habitual Residency which may save you tax for the next ten years!

Selling your property?
Ask Sovereign for a Property Health Check for a thorough search to the title to your property to discover discrepancies before the sale!

Need assistance to close a Portuguese Lda or Branch of a foreign company?
Sovereign can provide the necessary registrations at the tax department.

Established in Lagoa, Algarve, since 1998, Sovereign has a long history of assisting residents and non-residents with their financial affairs.  Dealing with the tax department can be frustrating and time consuming, and with fines levied by the tax department for non-compliance or late submissions why take a risk? Mitigate these risks by taking Sovereign’s professional advice.

With fourteen bilingual personnel, Sovereign’s objective is to reduce clients’ tax burdens and to keep them informed of the ever changing fiscal regulations that may affect them.

Contact Sovereign today at:

Sovereign – Consultoria Lda

Parque Empresarial Algarve, Bloco 8, No. 21, 8400-431 LAGOA, PORTUGAL

Tel: 00-351-282-340-480     Fax: 00-351-282-342-259



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